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2018 Work Teams
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Leader   Howard   Huntley  Owen
Months Feb/July Mar/Aug Apr/Sept May/Oct Jun/Nov
  JoAnna Anchors Kimberly Collins
Fred Cauley
Justin Croft Paul Clarke
  John Bennett Katy Goldie Gary Cothren
Thomas Fink Erin Davis
  Fred Floyd Michelle Gutierrez Terry Elixson Paul Huntley Joe Gray
  Abel Garcia Georgie Howard Natalie Hunter John Johns Michelle Mansfield
  Amy Kelly Josie Raymer Toni Jennings Stasi Mckenzie Abigail McCrea
  Brian Lagasse Maegan Santarsiero Sonia Lando Lorraine Mobley Diedre Stallings
  Miki Levy Mike Santarsiero Ralph Parrish Kevin Owen Missy Switzer
  Brandie Page Priscilla Seay Will Rhodes Klate Owen Ken Owen
  Stephanie Staier   Damon Whiteley  Alishia Robinson Heather Ward
   Ronnie Williams    

Please make sure you work your designated work nights.  If you fail to work you will forfeit your points and be required to pay the $200 non-working membership fee!!!